June 12, 2017
First Post

From the C.E.O. of Trends For All Seasons.

This is my story:

Not long ago a friend of mine sent me a link to watch "The Secret"- In that video I was impressed by the things Bob Proctor stated. I researched him on YouTube and little by little my interest in self development grew thanks to him and many others in that field. My financial situation needed some help for longer than I could remember. IDK if you can relate, but if you do, then you understand how struggling to make ends meet can truly bother you on the day to day basis in so many ways.

For those of us who believe not matter how dark today is, tomorrow will be a brighter day. Deep inside of us there is a constant feeling, one that is always there, like a splinter in one's mind. The Feeling of knowing that there is a better life to be lived, to be had. The feeling that what is now - it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right at all; not because of the obvious lack but rather because of the wanting and the desire to find the right path and not knowing the exact way of how to go about it or at least not having a clear path presented to us just yet. This sense that there is something, actually somethings, truly missing in our lives really surround us. Things, many things, not all material, some are circumstantial, occupy our minds every day. Of the many things that were missing, one I can especially recall was peace. Along with peace, the feeling of a need for meaningful accomplishments. Accomplishments that would change not just my life but the lives of others. The wish of doing something meaningful to help this world be a better place. And since I know how hard this world can be when one is down and out, I desired, and desire still that others can also have access to all the good that this world has to offer as soon I do.

Trends For All Seasons

To make a long story short, step by step, I have found a more fruitful life. Still miles to go and many promises to keep. All this, thanks to the many people I've never known in person but have tremendously help me find my courage to move forward. To move forward, and when I fell, I fell forward - Every time. Forward believing that this next harsh hill would lead to greener pastures and fresher waters. For that was the promise, the faith and the belief all into one! And this store - This store represents an achievement of a goal that will help to fulfill all those promises I have yet to keep.

My friends, enjoy this video, it has some powerful insights that maybe, just maybe, it might also let you see life through different lenses for it has done so for me. Thank you for visiting and I welcome all comments.



Sebastian Altamirano

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